Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Sukha Meva

Hello all sweet lovers, here I bring you Sukha Meva the very delicious and tasty dish.Sukha meva is a very tasty and healthy food as it contains lot of dry fruits it is very healthy dish.

Please follow below instructions to make delicious Sukha Meva

1/4 cup nuts like almonds, cashews, chiroli (sunflower seeds), dried kishmish and pistachios each
Ghee and sugar as per taste
Flavoured essence of Rose
Ready-made Saivaiya

How to make Sukha Meva:
Soak the almond and pistachios overnight. Remove the skin and cut into small pieces. Depending on how much you want to serve, take milk and bring it to boil. In another vessel, cook the saivaiya on a low flame in ghee till it turns golden. Add all the nuts and the flavoured essence to it. Let it cook for a while. Add the milk to this mixture and let it boil. Now add the sugar. Once boiled, let the milk remain on a low flame till it becomes thick.

You may also add milkmaid to the meva, however ensure that you limit the sugar initially, or else it may become too sweet.

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